Guided AccessI was only recently made aware of the Guided Access function within the iOS settings on iPhone/iPod and iPad. This function allows the parent/teacher to lock the device on a single app and allows you to control which functions are available. We have recently begun to make effective use of this function on our iPads in class, where pupils will switch from app to app at a moments notice. This function prevents pupils from doing this, or from shutting down the device or from increasing/decreasing volume.

In the settings function, click on “Accessibility” and scroll down to “Learning” where there is the “Guided Access” option. By switching this option on, you can set a passcode to activate the Guided Access. Then when you have an app open that you wish a pupil to work on, you triple click on the home button where you will be asked for the passcode that you set. You are then prompted to click “Start” to commence the Guided Access.

To exit Guided Access, you will need to again triple click the home screen button, insert the passcode and end the Guided Access.

This is a great teacher/parental control and allows the pupil to focus on the job in hand rather than fleeting from app to app and is certainly helping us in a special education setting.