isequencesiSequences is a great app for younger pupils to develop skills in sequencing events in a story. It is suitable for all pupils but has been designed especially with autism pupils and other special educational needs pupils in mind. The app presents either three or four images of a story to the pupil. They have to assess the pictures and drag them into the correct story order. There are 100 sequences in the app which present everyday events that pupils could relate to including brushing your teeth, getting dressed, going to bed.

Once a pupil has placed the pictures into the correct sequence, there are two possible follow-up activities – the pupil may be presented with three further images and asked “What comes next?”; or the pupil may be asked to choose an image that explains which emotion the character in the story will feel. These are interesting follow-up activities and really gets the pupils to think.

There are options within the app which will allow the teacher/parent to configure the settings within the app, which is always welcome.

The app is available for iPad – there is a lite version of the app with limited activities or the full version is available for €2.79 HERE