visual_poetryVisual Poetry from Image Chef is an app for iPhone and iPad which will transform a poem or phrase into a very pleasing visual image. Quite similar in many ways to Wordle and Tagxedo, this app allows pupils to insert text, which can be a short phrase or a complete poem, and present that text visually.

There is a range of custom shapes and themes to choose from within the app, or you can create your own shape. There are a small number of fonts that allow you to change the text, and you can also decide to have the text in all capitals, all small letters or a mixture of both. The colour of the text can be changed, and you can also change the colour of individual words to highlight words within the text. A nice addition is that you can add one of your own photos as a background image to the text. When you have completed your image, you have the option of saving the image, saving the image as wallpaper or sharing it via email, Instagram or Twitter.

Visual Poetry

Can you guess what the poem is?

The app is available for iPhone/iPod and iPad and costs €1.79. There is not as yet a version for Android devices. This video gives an idea of how the app works: