Topography GamesTopography Games is a section from the website. It is a free resource for teachers, pupils and parents to use and contains links to various Geography games which are suitable for senior primary and post-primary school aged pupils. Topography is about the description of geographic features and landmarks and the names of places. The links on this site will fit in well with the Natural Environments strand of the SESE Geography curriculum.

Games and quizzes on the site include games on: Cities of the World; Capitals of Europe; States of the US; Capitals of Africa; Countries of Europe; Countries of South America; European Mountains; Cities of the UK and many more. Most of the games appear to be Flash-based and there is a certain amount of advertising on the site and before games load. However, I still think that teachers will be interested in investigating the links to the games on this site and trying to integrate them into their SESE Geography planning for the coming year.

Visit the Topography Games website HERE