Numeracy ToolkitDonal Horgan from Á contacted me to let teachers know about a new maths product which he has just released. Áiseanna is the same company which developed the Maths Tracker CDs. This new product, Numeracy Toolkit, is a computer programme designed to improve numeracy skills in the number range 1-100. While the programme will be of particular benefit to pupils in the age range six to ten who are in the process of broadening their knowledge of number in this range, it is really geared towards pupils in first and second classes. However, because Numeracy Toolkit can be used in target setting in key numeracy subskills, it is also suitable for the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or student learning plans for pupils attending Learning Support/Resource.

Numeracy Toolkit contains key numeracy activities such as Dice, Tens/Units, Rekenrek, Number Names, Missing Numbers and Add/Subtract. The Countdown feature provides a rapid revision on all of these activities. Each of these numeracy activities can be played at four different levels: Numbers 1-10, Numbers 11-20, Numbers 21-50 and Numbers 51-100. Users have the option of logging in which automatically saves scores for that player. Aggregate scores for a player can be viewed and printed, giving an invaluable snapshot of ongoing progress in a given level.

Having selected an activity, the player is required to answer 10 multiple choice questions in a chosen level. Numeracy Toolkit displays a running score of the number of correct answers along with the time taken to answer these questions. As well as this information, the saved records also show the name of the player and the day and time of the test.

Numeracy Toolkit also contains two bonus programmes: The World in Numbers, showing the relevance of the numbers 1-100 in the real world, and Number Caller, which could be used for other numeracy activities in the classroom such as bingo.

A school site licence costs €95 (which can be installed on any number of computers in the school) and can be purchased directly from Á

Disclaimer: Á is an advertiser on this website