Over AppThe Over App is similar to Phonto, another app I wrote about previously. This app is used for overlaying text onto a photograph or image. The text can be changed in many different ways by changing the font, alignment, colour, opacity and size. The app has recently been upgraded and now includes more fonts and artwork can now also be added to an image. The app is really easy to use and the learning curve is very small.

Pupils could use this app in many different ways. One way I could see this being used is for pupils to take a photo of a piece of art that they did and adding a title to it. The image with the text can then be saved and shared on the school blog/website or any Social Media websites which the class/school may have. I could see pupils having endless fun with this app, adding text and artwork to their own images.

The app is available for iPhone/iPod and iPad for €1.79. There are in-app purchases to look out for. I can’t see an Android version available. Visit the developer’s website Made With Over

Over App

 How pupils might use the Over app in the classroom