Teachers & SummerThe power of Facebook was clearly demonstrated to me last night. I came across this maxim on Twitter yesterday afternoon, shared by Toby Price: “Teachers Don’t Take Summers Off – They Do A Year’s Worth Of Work In Ten Months“. I liked the phrase so much and it made a lot of sense to me, so I created an image with the phrase on it and shared the image on the Seomra Ranga Facebook Page.

It soon became apparent that the image had struck a chord with many teachers. Perhaps it was the timing with schools closing for the summer break, but I knew very soon that this post was going to be one of the most popular ever on the Seomra Ranga Facebook Page. However, I didn’t realise exactly how popular the post would be. Within an hour the “Likes”, “Shares” and “Views” started to accumulate very quickly. Now, after almost 24 hours, I think it can safely be said that the post has gone viral, the following statistics showing the reach that it achieved:

  • Views: 45,000
  • Likes: 600
  • Shares: 590

Given that, to date, the most popular posts on the Facebook page reached 2-3,000 views with perhaps 20 Likes, the figures show that this particular post was just on a different level. It has demonstrated to me that Facebook is a very powerful digital marketing tool, one which cannot be ignored.