Adam UpJust today I got a follow on Twitter from the Adam Up website crew. Having never heard of the website before, I decided to have a look at their website. Adam Up is the creation of James Summerfield and Samuel Kordan. It consists of a series of songs to help pupils to learn aspects of the mathematics curriculum – tables, percentages, averages, triangles, area, perimeter, polygons, angles and more.

Both teachers have composed the songs and use them in their own teaching of mathematics. They have also created animated videos of the songs which I think pupils will find really engaging. The videos are on YouTube – however if YouTube is blocked in your school, there are also plain audio versions of the songs available on the site.

The songs on this website will really appeal to pupils and I think teachers should look to see how they might incorporate one of these songs into one of their maths lessons. You can visit the Adam Up website HERE

You can also follow them on Twitter @AdamUp_maths

This is an example of one of the videos from the Adam Up website – this one helps to explain the 2 and 4 times tables: