Pop MathPop Math is a really simple maths game that pupils take to readily and enjoy thoroughly, and because of this enjoyment they won’t realise that they are learning at all. In this game, the pupil is presented with three maths questions and three answers, which are all floating around the screen in balloons. The objective of the game is to pop the balloons with your finger in order, popping each question and its equivalent answer until all the balloons on the screen have been popped. This method of working encourages the pupil to think on the spot and to mentally work out the answer to each question.

On completion of a level, the pupil is informed how long it took them to complete the level and which questions they got incorrect. The pupil then moves on to the next level and the maths become progressively more difficult as you move up through the levels. The free Lite version of this app is limited to addition – the full version has all four operations.

This app is available for iPhone/iPod, iPad and an Android version is also available. Lite version is free and the full version costs: €0.89