Lets Tans AppLets Tans is a game based on the Chinese Tangram puzzles. This game is great for the promotion of 2D shapes, spatial awareness and problem-solving. Any teacher that has the physical puzzle in the classroom will know that some pupils will love it and some will hate it. In this mobile version of the game, there are different levels with each level having numerous puzzles to solve.

The object of the game is to fit the given number of Tangram pieces into the blank template on the screen. In the easier levels, not all seven pieces of the Tangram are used. In the more advance levels, all pieces are used and they may need to be flipped, rotated or reversed in order to fit into the template. This game certainly gets the pupils thinking.

The app is available for iPhone/iPod, iPad. The Lite version is free and the full version costs: €0.89 OUr pupils worked through the levels on the free version so quickly that we ended up having to purchase the full version. I’m not aware of an Android version being available.