Tomhais Méid Mo Ghrá DuitWalker Éireann, an imprint of Walker Books, has recently teamed up with Foras na Gaeilge to bring readers four of their best picture books created by some of Ireland’s foremost book makers, in Irish. This book is called Tomhais Méid MoGhrá Duit (Guess How Much I Love You) by Sam Mc Bratney. Over 28 million copies of this book have been sold worldwide. A classic Sam McBratney story, and a story that is beautifully illustrated in watercolour by Anita Jeram. When your heart is full of love for someone….you would like to show your love. But, as Young Brown Hare and Old Brown Hare find out, it is hard to find a measure for love! It has been translated by well-known author and illustrator Gabriel Rosenstock.

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