Animals ReproductionThis Powerpoint resource for junior classes from Sea Life Bray focuses on explaining how different animals reproduce and the life cycle of the animal. It explains that some animals give birth to live babies while others are hatched from an egg. Featuring stunning images, there is an interactive element in the presentation in the form of a True or False Quiz with which pupils can engage.


The Powerpoint resource can be downloaded below together with a Teacher’s Resource Pack which accompanies all of the resources in this series. A Pupil Workbook to accompany all of the Sea Life resources in the series is also available below.

Powerpoint Resource (.ppt file 4.41MB)

Teacher’s Resource Pack (pdf file 3.83MB)

Pupil Workbook (.pdf file 6.12MB)

This resource has been made available to Seomra Ranga with the kind permission of Sea Life Bray who retains the copyright of the resource. It may not be reproduced or included on any other website or in any other printed or electronic form without the express permission of Sea Life Bray.