logainmLogainm is an Irish website containing a database of the placenames of Ireland. The site comes in an English version or a Gaeilge version and you can switch between both quite easily. The purpose of the site is to make available to the public Irish place names that have been officially approved by the Placenames Branch, and these names can be searched either through Irish or through English. If you simply want the correct translation for a particular placename, you can do a search on the homepage.

The Logainm website is at present running a competition for primary schools. The logainm.ie team are looking for a series of pictures (e.g. digital photographs or art work) on the theme of placenames to put on their site. An essay or other text form, art or poetry can be submitted with the pictures if desired. The winning class will receive €300 worth of prizes. The prizes will be distributed by the teacher. Every class that takes part in the competition will receive a certificate. Some entries will be displayed on www.logainm.ie. The pictures should be sent to ‘Competition for Primary Schools’, Fiontar, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 or to the email address logainm@dcu.ie. Deadline: 24 May 2013.