Dúshlán 1881Living the Eviction is a new series commencing this Monday March 11th on RTÉ 1. Ronan Mac Aodha Bhui presents the programme as two families spend three days living as their ancestors would have done in the late 19th century during an impoverished time, retelling the painful experiences of being evicted from their homes in Carrowmenagh, Co Donegal. Some of the participants are descendants of the original evictees and historical experts provide a narrative during their challenge.

On the 27th, 28th, and 29th December,1881, 13 families were evicted from their homes in the village of Carrowmenagh, Co. Donegal. Not able to pay the rent, mothers, fathers, children and grandparents were all flung out from their simple cottages or long houses onto the road by agents of the landlord. Some found refuge with relatives locally, others left for America. Evictions like these were common in Ireland at the time. The Challenge of 1881 or DÚSHLÁN 1881 – is to bring this history to life. The story of eviction is told through the experiences of these families.