TwitterI just came across this great new idea from Stephen Lockyer (@mrlockyer) in the UK where a campaign is afoot to get teachers currently using Twitter to recruit a colleague or fellow teacher to start using Twitter. Called Bring A Teacher To Twitter (using the hashtags #battt or #batttuk), the aim is to get experienced Twitter teachers to show other teachers the great benefits of using Twitter for educational purposes.

Stephen has allowed me to steal the idea so that we can encourage more teachers in Ireland to join Twitter and discover the many and varied ways in which teachers are using Twitter for engaging in educational conversation and learning about ways in which other teachers are using this social media in the classroom and for CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

For teachers in Ireland, I’m asking that you use the hashtag #batttie for this campaign, but also use #battt and #batttuk so that you can join up with teachers from other countries. If you wish to join the campaign, Stephen has come up with the following obligations to which you must agree. So, you must promise to:

T – Tell my existing followers to be nice and friendly to my new Twitter friend X

W – Welcome my new friend X to Twitter by announcing them LOUDLY to my Twitter followers

I – Initiate conversations by using the #batttie hashtag, and explain what hashtags are

T – Tart up their homepage with a brief bio (School/subjects/interests/other) and photo (face/mug/shoe/snack)

T – Teach them how to follow other people, answer questions, ask questions and join in

E – Educate them in Twitter etiquette and encourage them to seek out new followers

R – Revel in the pleasure of passing on the good gifts which Twitter can bestow!

So, get recruiting teachers to Twitter, announce them on Twitter and use the hashtags #batttie #battt #batttuk