There are very few PE apps on the market suitable for the primary school teacher. However, today I saw a recommendation from Mr. Robbo on Twitter for the PE Games app which I downloaded. The app is full of lesson plans for games for the PE class. The lesson plans for the games are organised into different categories: chasing games, co-operative games, major games, reaction games, relay games, and general games. There’s also some handy tips and tricks for how to form teams for some of the games.

There are lesson plans for almost 100 games on the app. Some of the games will be familiar to teachers, such as Dodgeball, Duck Duck Goose, Fruit Salad. Others will be new games for teachers and pupils to learn. Some of the games require some small pieces of equipment, other require little or no equipment. Each lesson plan follows the same format: name of game; area where it can be played; equipment needed; instructions; variations of the game. What’s nice about this app is that you can also add a lesson plan for your own game to the app following the same format as the other games lesson plans.

Because of the relative lack of suitable apps to support the PE curriculum, it’s nice to see something that will be of practical help to the teacher for the games strand of the PE curriculum. Best of all, the app is free in the iTunes Store at the moment. There is also an Android version of the app in the Android store, but this costs €0.79