I gave a presentation/workshop at the ICT in Education Conference in LIT Tipperary in Thurles yesterday on the topic of QR Codes in the classroom. The aim of the presentation/workshop was to show how easy it is to create QR Codes and how they can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. I demonstrated examples of doing an online spelling test using QR Codes, a matching vocabulary game (matching a flashcard with an explanation in a QR Code), a QR Code Maths Treasure Hunt, a QR Code Webquest, a QR Code Quiz, a story using talking QR Codes. I also showed how to put links to resources on QR Codes into QR Codes. The presentation I gave is embedded below from the Seomra Ranga Slideshare account. While it doesn’t really show the practical aspects of the workshop, it may give you a flavour of how QR Codes can be practically in the classroom.

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