Last week the Teaching Council announced that participation in a programme of induction workshops is to become a requirement for registration for all NQTs in Ireland, primary and post-primary (including VEC), who are registered on or after 2 July 2012. Previously, participation in this programme of induction had been voluntary, but the Council felt that, following broad consultation, there was widespread support for a programme of induction to meet the needs of the NQT during the transition to teaching as a career. The Council believes that the requirement to complete an induction programme is a positive development for NQTs and for teaching as a profession.

The Teaching Council explains:

“The Induction workshop programme will be co-ordinated by the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT) and funded by the Department of Education and Skills. It will consist of 12 workshops, with each workshop taking place in the evening across all Education Centres throughout the country. NQTs will be required to attend all 12 workshops within three years of their date of initial registration. Once all twelve workshops have been completed, as certified by the Education Centres and notified to the Council, the relevant condition will be removed from the teacher’s registration status.”