The 8th ICT in Education Conference will take place in LIT (Limerick Institute of Technology) Tipperary on Saturday May 19th. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Learning Spaces” and it aims to take a broad view at both physical and virtual spaces where pupils/students learn. The Conference Webpage puts it well when it explains that:

“The conference is not primarily about technology and learning; instead, it is about connecting enthusiasts at all levels of Ireland’s educational system. The aim of the conference is to provide educators with practical ways to integrate technology into their learning spaces. It is about providing teachers with the tools which will allow them to connect with learners of the 21st century, who are at ease with technology. The ethos of the conference is ‘by teachers for teachers’ and the strength of this annual conference is that it connects educators across primary, secondary and tertiary education.”

A wide and varied Programme is planned for the day-long conference which includes simultaneous presentations and workshops on Edmodo, Social Media, Scratch, Tablets in the Classroom, Mobile Apps and many others. The problem may well be deciding which presentations to attend and which to miss. I will be attending the conference and giving a workshop on QR Codes in the Classroom where I hope to show just some of the ways in which I have introduced QR Codes into the Learning Space of my classroom. Registration for the conference is now open and places can be booked online.

The conference organisers will also be collaborating with CESI (Computers in Education Society of Ireland) which will hold a CESI Meet on Friday evening, May 18th, from 7 – 9pm on the Thurles campus. If you’ve never been to a CESI Meet before, it’s a whirlwind event of 2 minute, 7 minute and 15 minute presentations on technology-related ideas for the classroom. More information on this will follow soon.