I was able to confirm this morning that Seomra Ranga has been hacked. I was alerted to the fact that Google was flagging the site as being “compromised”. I initially could not find any problems with the site. However, with the help of Google, they were able to identify for me a sample file that was on the site which caused them to put up a warning about the site. I then found a folder that had been placed on the site that was full of hundreds of files of pornographic content.

As far as I can tell, there aren’t any viruses or malware associated with the hacking. It was purely the insertion of pornography onto the site. My apologies to anyone if you came across any of this content as it was indeed very offensive. I’ve removed all of the offensive content and updated all of my access passwords. My Hosting company is running scans on the site to see if there is anything else on the site that shouldn’t be there. I’ll keep a closer eye on things over the next while just to make sure this doesn’t happen again, although there are no guarantees with this, as if hackers really want to get into a site, they will.

All I can say is that the offensive content was not inserted into any of the posts on the site, so it shouldn’t be on any links to posts on the site. It was just there in the background. I’ve asked Google to re-assess their listing of the site as “compromised” but this may take some time to get done. Thanks to those who made me aware of this, and again my apologies if you came across any of this content. If this happens again, as indeed it might on such a large site as this, my advice would be to please email me directly at the site (infoATseomraranga.com) so that I can try to get this sorted as soon as possible.