Digital Art Week will take place next week, from 23rd – 27th April. The purpose of the week is to integrate the Visual Arts curriculum with technology and Social Media. During this week pupils will be given the opportunity to create pieces of art using technology – mobile technology, software or art websites. Pupils will then share their creations with other pupils and the world!

Make your staff aware by downloading the Digital Art Week Poster here.

A really fun part of the week which my pupils really enjoyed last year was a Twitter Art Treasure Hunt. It’s back again this year with the help of Leo the V(ole). Leo has been busy talking to InterVole (the Art police) about Harry Hawk, an art thief who is planning to steal lots of famous pieces of art. He is going to need the help of pupils throughout the country to foil the evil intentions of this art thief. To take part in this aspect of Digital Art Week, set up a class account on Twitter and follow Leo the V(ole) (@Leo_theV) and Harry Hawk (@HarryHawk1). Also, follow the hashtag #artweek12 to keep up to date with what is happening during this week.

 To motivate pupils, download the Wanted Poster for Harry Hawk, the Art Thief

We’ve also teamed up with Éigse, Carlow’s International Arts Festival, who will be hosting all children’s work in a special digital gallery! More information on this soon.

Digital Art Week is supported by: