Snuggle Mountain is a beautiful story app in HD for iPad or iPhone/iPod  for younger pupils. The story, written by Lindsey Lane, is centred around Emma, a little girl who must climb to the top of Snuggle Mountain to wake the two-headed Giant who is caught in a Sleeping Spell. She wants pancakes for breakfast and she must enter the cave at the top of the mountain to wake the Giant who has forgotten about breakfast.

This is a beautifully illustrated app which will really appeal to younger pupils and it has a surprise for them at the end of the story. The settings can be changed in the app to have the story read for the first or second reading – the story is read with an American accent. You also have the option to have the words highlighted as the story is being read, which focuses the reader on the words being read. There are interactive elements to the story where the child can touch the character of Emma to hear her speak as well as touching the cat and dog for sound effects. My Rang I pupils enjoyed this app in the iPad version which was connected to the IWB using a VGA adaptor.

The book is available in the iTunes store and costs €1.59 for the iPhone/iPod version and €2.39 for the HD iPad version.