A member of staff in my school recently organised an eye-catching and colourful display board in the entrance foyer to our school. It was called “Our School Community”. Every pupil in the school drew and coloured a small “head and shoulders” picture of themselves. These were arranged in a circle in the centre of the display board. The lettering for the heading was arranged around this centre circle. Some older pupils then drew some larger pictures of all of the members of staff in our school community.

I thought that this would also be great place to include some QR Codes in the school. Some 6th class pupils used the QR Stuff website to embed some information into a QR Code about each member of our school community along the lines of: “Ms XXX teaches fourth class. She has been teaching in this school for five years. She really enjoys doing art work”. These were then printed out and stuck beside the picture of each member of staff.

My Rang I pupils used this board as a reading lesson the next day. In groups, they used the iNigma app on their iPod Touches to scan the QR Codes and read about all the members of our school community. It was truly an interactive display board.