A nice new addition to the bank of resources on the Scoilnet website is a collection of short books “as Gaeilge”. They are aimed at younger pupils in the primary school, perhaps for pupils as far as Rang III. In terms of content and presentation, the books are basic enough, however they will be fine to assist pupils in practising their léitheoireacht Ghaeilge. The language used in the readers is also quite basic but that is suitable for many younger pupils. The readers can also be spoken aloud by clicking on the blue arrow on each page. Perhaps it would have been helpful if the words being read were highlighted as they were spoken. The books are read clearly by either a male or a female voice in a fairly neutral “canúint”. At the moment, there are twelve readers covering the following topics: An tEarrach; An Fómhar; An Geimhreadh; Na Laethanta; Fear Sneachta; Bhí Tart Orm; Cá bhFuil?; Chuaigh; Bréagáin; Ag (Abairtí); Ag (Focail Aonair). Teachers need Flash Player installed on their class computer to be able to view these books. I’d also be interested to see how quickly they will load using schools’ broadband. However, these Leabhair Labhartha a welcome addition to resources for the teaching of Gaeilge in the classroom as we all recognise that such resources are very rare. View these books on the Scoilnet website HERE