WOW! Today marks the milestone of 2,000 “Likes” on the Seomra Ranga Facebook Page. I have to admit that I was initially reluctant to get involved with Facebook, but I was persuaded by Debbie in Logis Media to go with it. So, the Facebook page was set up in advance of the launch of the new website in November 2010. Its purpose was to compliment the website and establish the site in the world of Social Media. Very quickly, the “Likes” (or the “Followers” as they were then) began to arrive and I soon realised the influence which Facebook was to have on the website. To now arrive at a point, merely 15 months down the Facebook road, where 2,000 people thought it worth their while to follow Seomra Ranga is unreal and truly humbling! The Facebook page has been a learning curve for me but it has also meant that more people are engaging with the site and giving feedback on items on the website. Hundreds of teachers are reading the posts on the Facebook page, commenting and making others aware of new content on the site.

To all of you who have taken the trouble to “Like” Seomra Ranga on Facebook, many thanks for your continued support of the work of the website.