Many teachers will be well aware of the great classroom resources available on the Ask About Ireland website, especially resources for the SESE areas of the curriculum – history, geography and science. However I only recently stumbled across this section of the Ask About Ireland website, where pupils can play an eco-game for each month of the year. Primary teachers will be familiar with these environmental posters for each month of the year which have been available for many years. Indeed, they have adorned the Nature Table area of my own classroom for many years. This resource provides the teacher with a digital format of these posters. The text appears at the bottom of the screen as it is read in a child’s voice. This is nice as the voices are easily recognisable as being those of Irish children, something which is sadly lacking in much digital content on the internet.

For each month of the year, there is some interactive element in which pupils can interact with the digital poster. There are labelling activities (in both English and Gaeilge), an identify the sound game, answer questions activities, drag and drop activities, a cloze activity, a wordsearch and a “what am I?” game. These resources are a great addition for any teacher to incorporate into an SESE lesson once every month. Visit this resource website HERE >>>>>