Cúla Caint

Cúla 4 is the young people’s service on TG4. They have recently released a Gaeilge app designed for both iPhone and iPad. The app is aimed at younger pupils and provides over 100 fun Irish language words. The vocabulary is presented in four groups – Weather, Animals, Vehicles, and Parts of the Body. It includes the written and the spoken version of each word accompanied by clear images of the word. It also includes a drawing page, to scribble your own words! At the moment, the app is quite basic and it would be great to see it developed further. It teaches the vocabulary in isolation, so the word is not heard in context in a sentence. Nevertheless, given the lack of quality apps to support the learning of Gaeilge in the classroom, it’s great to see our Irish language TV station coming up with a good quality educational app.

Download the App on iTunes

Cúla Caint Screenshot

Cúla Caint Ainmhithe Screenshot