Scoilnet/Britannica Competition

Scoilnet and Encyclopaedia Britannica are running a major national competition for teachers during the month of October. Teachers will have the chance to win a range of prizes for themselves and their schools including an iPad2, and other high-tech classroom-based software and hardware from Promethean and e-instruction.

For the competition, teachers and student teachers are invited to submit an online learning activity focusing on the use of Britannica’s interactive online resources in the classroom. The activity can be for any level, topic or subject, but should show practical and creative ways to use Britannica in a classroom. The competition is open to both primary and post-primary teachers. The closing date for the competition is Sunday, November 6th.

Encyclopaedia Britannica is available to teachers and pupils through the Scoilnet website. It is free to use at school through the schools broadband network, and at home – teachers must be registered to use the service at home. Britannica is an invaluable resource and is available in three different levels – Primary Britannica, Britannica Student and Encyclopaedia Britannica. It contains a huge amount of interactive material and teachers’ resources.

Details of the Scoilnet/Encyclopaedia Britannica competition are available HERE