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Fancy becoming involved in a Digital Art Project using digital art programmes and Twitter? We’re looking for schools to join us in creating some works of art using digital media. The project will be completed over the next couple of weeks before Easter. Thanks to my Twitter buddies @simonmlewis and @fboss we’ve come up with the following ideas, but feel free to add your own ideas to the list.

Playing with Art Online

We’re going to be exploring some interesting web sites that let you paint like a famous artist.




A Digital Art Gallery

Using whatever digital art package you have (Paint, Art Rage, etc.), we’d like you to upload your piece of art to a shared Flickr page. If you email with your school name, he’ll send you the password to access it. To see the images (there won’t be any until next week), go to

iPod Art

I’m going to try out some Art Apps on iPod Touch to come up with digital art images. If you have an iPod Touch, why not share your digital art with us on our Flickr page?

A Twitter Stream

We’re going to be talking Art also during the project so join in the conversation by using the hashtag #tap2011 which stands for Twitter Art Project 2011. If you need help signing up to Twitter, email me and I’ll try and help.

Art Quiz

Fred Boss from the NCTE is an art teacher and he’s set some fiendishly difficult art quizzes. The quizzes are going to be done through Twitter so you’ll have to follow the hashtag #tap2011 to join in.