Educational AApps WikiOver the last few weeks I have been working together with others involved in the pilot project using iPods in the Irish classroom to create a wiki listing of all the apps which we are using and which we feel are suitable to the Irish curriculum. Listed on this wiki are personal reviews and links to where you can download all of the apps that we are using. As this is an ever evolving project, it’s open to all who would like to contribute their experiences on the apps that they are currently using. While the link and the site is hosted by FIS it’s by no means their project – it’s one that is owned by anybody who visits or contributes to the site. FÍS are also contributing to the Wiki by building the App TV section of the site. In this section there are video tutorials on how to use iPods/iPads in the classroom, how to deploy them and set them up etc. The site is very much in its infancy at the moment and there are reviews of lots more apps to be uploaded to the site, but we hope that, over time, the Wiki will develop into a comprehensive resource and “one-stop-shop” for Irish teachers to source suitable iPod/iPad apps for the classroom.

Visit the iPod Apps in Education Wiki