Archaeology in the ClassroomIt’s About Time – Archaeology in the Classroom, is an SESE History resource site for teachers. It was developed in 2005 by Limerick Education Centre and supported by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the Primary Curriculum Support Service PCSP (now amalgamated into the PPDS). In the primary schools’ section, the site has different areas for pupils, parents and teachers.

The pack is divided into twelve modules and although the focus is on SESE History, there are strong links to Science and Geography. The pack is also designed to integrate across the whole curriculum. Each of the twelve modules can be downloaded individually by the teacher. The first three modules focus on the idea of “archaeology”; the next three focus on the Stone Age; the next three focus on old buildings and an appreciation of our built heritage; the final three modules focus on local studies. Each module emphasises pupil-centred learning, in which pupils actively engage in activities that enable them to become educated observers. This complements the curriculum’s objective to teach pupils the skills of ‘working as an historian’.

“Timezone” is the name of the pupils’ section of the site. It contains facts on archaeology, links to games with historical themes, links to other websites of historical interest, printable colouring pages, ideas to find out about your local area and information on the job of archaeologists.

A hard copy of this pack was delivered to all schools when this resource was first published. However, if this cannot be found, it is all free to download HERE