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I’ve introduced another new aspect to the new website with the creation of the Seomra Ranga Flickr Photostream. Some time ago while the old website was still running, a teacher suggested that it would be a good idea to have some photos of different places around the country on the site. These could be used for a comparative study section of the SESE Geography curriculum. I received a small number of photos and had them on the old site, but perhaps many people may not have been aware of this. So I have re-grouped them and placed them in a Flickr Photostream. There is only a small number of them there at the moment, but hopefully with the generosity of teachers’ donations to the site, the number will increase into the future. At the moment there are some photos of Sligo, Mayo, Cork and Galway as well as some photos of a stranded Sperm Whale. If teachers are willing to donate photos of their local area to Seomra Ranga, just email them to me as attachments at, explaining in as much detail as possible the content and the location of the photos. Please be aware of copyright issues and only send me photos which have been taken by yourself and not taken from any other website. The photos can be viewed by directly visiting the Seomra Ranga Flickr Photostream or by clicking on the Flickr logo under the “Follow Seomra Ranga” section on the top right-hand side of the website.