Wildflower Girl

Seomra Ranga is pleased to announce a new association with O’ Brien Press on the new website. O’ Brien Press has made all of their resources for class novels available for download via the new Seomra Ranga website. Teaching Guides and Teaching Ideas downloads are available for the full O’Brien Press catalogue of novels for primary schools. Resources are available for fiction and fact books, books for infants and senior pupils, books in both English and Gaeilge. The downloads are full of ideas to help the teacher use the books as a cross-curricular resource in the classroom. Examples of available resources include the following books:

  • Wildflower Girl
  • All About Hurling
  • Strongbow
  • The Moon King
  • Faraway Home
  • Dream Invader
  • Trouble for Tuffy
  • Mad Grandad’s Flying Saucer
  • Ed’s Funny Feet
  • Sailí na Spotaí
  • Fiacla Mhamó
  • Moncaí Dána
  • Bróga Thomáis

These resources may be accessed in the following ways:

  • Curriculum >> English >> Class Novel (resources for English Novels)
  • Curriculum >> Gaeilge >> Úrscéal Ranga (acmhainní do leabhair Ghaeilge)

I would like to express my thanks to Ivan at O’Brien Press for permission to make these resources available to visitors to the new Seomra Ranga website.