Classics for Children CD

This week’s RTE Guide is giving away a free Classics for Children CD with each copy purchased. The CD contains 22 classic tunes which are suitable for use in the primary school classroom. Composers such as Debussy, Saint Saens, Kodaly, Bizet, Strauss and Haydn are, amongst others, represented on the CD. The tracks may be played for children in the given order or may be grouped according to common themes such as dances, marches, animal tracks etc. The RTE Lyric FM website contains resources to accompany each of the tracks on the CD.

The three strands of the Primary school music curriculum are embraced in the musical activities accompanying the notes for each track. These strands are Listening and Responding, Performing and Composing. The children’s activities reinforce the nine musical elements upon which the music curriculum is based, namely beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and style.

All of these resources may be accessed through the RTE Lyric FM website HERE>>>>