“Going to the Supermarket” is one of a series of books written by Avril Webster. The books were originally written with her own son, Stephen who has special needs, in mind. They are aimed at special needs children, especially those on the autistic spectrum, as well as young children. The intention of the books is to introduce special needs children to everyday social situations, thereby enabling them to cope with a new situation and change in their routine.

“Going to the Supermarket” is a 12 page illustrated book which shows a young girl and her mother on a trip to the supermarket. Each page in the book has a large, clear, colourful illustration with text underneath. It clearly outlines to the reader what will happen on a trip to the supermarket, as well as introducing pertinent language eg. trolley, checkout, shopping list etc. It also introduces the subject of waiting your turn, which many special needs pupils may have difficulty with. The book is a glossy paperback of good quality. It would be a welcome addition to the library of the special needs teachers in the school, as well as to the library in the infant rooms in the primary school. The book is published in Ireland by Off We Go Publishing and retails at €7.99

Other books in the series include:

  • Going to the Dentist
  • Going to the Doctor
  • Going to the Hairdresser
  • Going to the Restaurant
  • Going to the Supermarket
  • Going Swimming
  • Going to the Cinema
  • Going to a Birthday Party ….. and many more

Books can be bought on the publisher’s website ( where there are also offers of 6 books for €39.99 and 12 books for €69.99 These books are highly recommended.