Would anyone happen to have any old Buntús filmstrips and/or accompanying teacher manuals in their school that they don’t want. I’m interested in seeing if they could be digitised/recycled/changed into Powerpoints etc. and made available to teachers on the Seomra Ranga website. I’m willing to have a try at this to see if it will work. I know that some of the stuff will be seriously outdated but with so little Gaeilge resources out there, it’s worth seeing if we could get any benefit out of these old filmstrips. I’ve had a look for some of these filmstrips in e-bay and elsewhere on the ‘net to see if there are any but without any success. If anyone has any of these filmstrips/teacher manuals that they are willing to part with, I’m willing to pay for the cost of postage. You can let me know at I recall that schools also had other nature filmstrips, so if anyone has any of those, I’m also interested in seeing if a resource can be created from those.