With the bad weather crippling the country, what better way to fill in the time than with creating new resources for the Seomra Ranga website. Twenty new resources have been added to the site in the past few days. They include:

  • Am rolla – phrases to use during am rolla
  • An Teach – powerpoint for teaching seomraí sa teach
  • Siopaí – posters for teaching the different types of siopaí
  • Ag Siopadóireacht – flashcards with useful phrases
  • Four new lined pages with a decorative border
  • Shops – illustrated posters to teach the names of the various types of shops
  • An Sneachta – flashcards with vocabulary for discussing/writing about An Sneachta
  • Irish Bogs – flashcards with the names of flora/fauna/wildlife found in Irish bogs
  • Working Scientifically – flashcards naming the skills necessary for working scientifically
  • 19th Century Traders – flashcards with the names of various types of traders in Sligo during the 1800’s
  • Positional Vocabulary – flashcards with vocabulary showing positions of objects
  • Red Things – powerpoint showing a variety of red objects
  • Green Things – powerpoint showing a variety of green objects