Seomra Ranga recently celebrated its 2nd birthday. Those two years have flown by. When starting out, I never expected that the site would be so successful. September is usually a busy month for the site for obvious reasons with teachers preparing for the new school year and looking for resources for their classrooms. There were 54,000 visits to the site this September, an incredible figure given that the site is only two years old and that the site is not advertised anywhere – people seem to have found out about Seomra Ranga by word of mouth alone. The plan for the next year is simple – to keep on producing free resources that are relevant to the primary school classroom especially in an Irish context. The most popular areas of the site are the Gaeilge section and the blog. Teachers constantly remark that they like the site especially for the Gaeilge resources as there are very few sites on the internet that provide Gaeilge resources. Gaeilge resources will continue to form a large part of the site for this very reason. So after two very busy years, it’s still enjoyable providing free resources to Irish teachers. Here’s to year 3!