There are now some new Wordle resources added onto the Seomra Ranga website. I first heard about Wordle (http://www.wordle.net) at this years CESI conference and I’m only really now getting around to using it. Wordle is a very simple online piece of software which allows you to create “Word Clouds”. These word clouds display text in an interesting and unusual way that will be instantly visually appealing to pupils. The way the text is presented can be changed in many ways by choosing different fonts, layouts and colour schemes. Wordle is free to use and could not be more simple. You can create your own word clouds by visiting the site and clicking on “create” or you can view word clouds created by others by clicking on “gallery”. When you create a new word cloud, you save the image to the online gallery. All of the word cloud images are copyright and licenced by a Creative Commons licence. As far as I know, you cannot save the image to your own computer. However, you can copy and paste the link code to your web site or blog. Word clouds are a really easy way to make your own classroom resources. You could also get your pupils to make their own word clouds.

All of the Seomra Ranga Wordles can be viewed on the website HERE

You can also see the Seomra Ranga Wordles in the online gallery HERE