Seomra Ranga reached another milestone yesterday as the number of visitors to the site reached the 100,000 mark. The site has been online since September 2007 and the amount of free classroom resources on the site has been steadily growing. So too has the number of visitors to the site been steadily growing, especially over the last few months. As the site celebrated its first birthday in September 2008, it also had the highest monthly visitors since the site started. However this figure was surpassed in October 2008 when there were more than 22,000 visitors to the site, literally from all over the world. And it looks like this figure will again be surpassed for the month of November, during which the number of visitors reached the 100,000 mark. As the number of free resources on the site continues to grow, hopefully the number of visitors to the site will also continue to grow.

Best regards to all the visitors to the site. I hope that you find the Seomra Ranga resources suitable and practical for the classroom. As always, I’d like to appeal to more of the site visitors to search through your desktop and to share any of your own resources with the rest of the teaching community on the Seomra Ranga website.