Hallowe’en is almost here and teachers are at the moment doing classroom planning with a view towards using the season of Hallowe’en in teaching different areas across the curriculum. Seomra Ranga has a dedicated section of classroom resources with a Hallowe’en theme. Some of the latest Hallowe’en resources added to the site include a Rockets language poster; a Make a Potion poster with language to help when creating a witch’s potion; a poster to help pupils to describe a witch in creative writing; a Spooky Sounds poster using the theme of hallowe’en to teach the silent letters k and b; a set of colourful Hallowe’en posters; a set of colourful Oíche Shamhna posters; a set of flashcards with Hallowe’en vocabulary; Hallowe’en Classroom door signs. There’s plenty more Hallowe’en classroom resources. You can download them all freely.