“Look, Cover Write and Check” is a nice online spelling programme demonstrating the commonly used methodology for learning spellings. There is no software to download so the game is played online. There are sets of word lists incorporated into the programnme, each list with ten words to learn. Some lists are based on spelling patterns eg. -ea, sh-, -igh. Others are based on topics eg. numbers, science, time. It also has “Pupil’s Lists”, some of which are random spellings, others are themed lists like art words and computer words. Once you select a list you click “Go” to begin the game. A new window appears which lets you look at the first spelling to learn it. You then click the “Cover” button and a hand comes across the screen and covers the spelling. You then have to type the spelling in a box and click “Check” to see if you typed it correctly. If you get the spelling correct, you move on to the next spelling (again using the “Look, Cover, Write and Check” approach). If you get the spelling wrong you can look at it again, cover it and try to write it again.

While the programme is quite simple to use, it is also quite effective in teaching children the methodology to use when learning spellings. This programme could also be useful to use on an Interactive White Board to teach a class lesson on spelling. The programme can be accessed at: