Spelling City is a website dedicated to learning and having fun with spellings. You can create your own wordlists by entering 1, 5 or 10 words to learn. Once you have done this, you have three options – “Test Me”, “Teach Me” or “Play a Game”.

When you click “Teach Me”, you can go through the spellings one by one. The spelling is spoken aloud, then it is spelled aloud, then it is spoken aloud in a sentence before it is finally repeated again.

When you click “Test Me”, you come to a window where you have to type in the spellings. By clicking the “Say It” button you can hear the word spoken as many times as you wish. By clicking the “Sentence” button you can hear the spelling in a sentence. This gives the spelling a context. The speaking is in an American accent, but this should not cause too many difficulties. When you have typed in all of the spellings on the list, you click the “Check Me” button to find out how many of the spellings you got correct. You can print out a report or a certificate of the test.

When you click “Play a Game”, you have the option of playing one of eight games: Wordsearch, Hangmouse, Unscramble, Audio Word Match, Which Word, Missing letter, Crossword, Unscramble Sentence. The games all have the purpose of consolidating the learning of spellings in a fun way. These games can be played using your own lists or using lists already loaded onto the site.

Teachers can register onto the site. Once you do that, you can save your own spelling lists onto the site where they will remain unless you remove them. The site also has forums where you can post comments, questions etc.

This is quite a useful site where pupils can learn spellings in a fun and interesting way. It could be used by all classes in the primary school either as class lessons using an IWB or individually on laptops or PC’s. The site can be accessed at: