IronHead MathFlash is a freeware maths flashcard programme that can be downloaded as a 2.08MB zip file. It is used to practise the four main mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is suitable for use with all age groups and all abilities in the primary school. Drills can be set up by the teacher to focus on a particular set of tables that are being learned by the pupils. The drills can be set up for pupils to answer a certain amount of questions or to answer as many questions in a particular time. Tables are flashed in large print in the centre of the screen. Three possible options for answers are given underneath. The pupil must click on the correct answer as quickly as possible. When answered correctly, the next flashcard appears immediately.

Pupil records can be set up when using the programme. This piece of freeware should be downloaded and installed by all primary schools. It is easy to download, easy to install and easy to operate. All in all, a very useful piece of freeware. This programme can be downloaded at: