Webwise is a website on Internet safety created by the NCTE. It deals with many topics surrounding the theme of internet safety: safe surfing; cyber bullying; chatroom safety; safety when texting; safety in social networking websites; risks in file sharing and blogging. It has a downloadable internet safety video. It has resources to help schools with internet safety: sample AUP’s (Acceptable Use Policy); information on internet safety legislation; information on filtering software.

It has two specific learning modules for primary schools: “Surfwise” and “Chatwise”. Surfwise deals with safety when surfing the internet. Chatwise deals with the risks when divulging personal information online. Both modules include notes for teachers, activity sheets accompanying lessons, online animated videos, quizzes and puzzles. The modules are aimed at children aged 6-12 years, so with adaptation they can be suitable for children from first to sixth classes. The site also has numerous publications that can be downloaded: booklets, posters, information for parents. This site should be considered to be used in SPHE lessons and linked to any work being done in the school on internet safety. The site can be accessed at: