Now that the school year is over, I’d like to extend my thanks to all the visitors to the Seomra Ranga website during the past school year. The success of the site has taken me by surprise. There have been over 48,000 individual visits to the site since it went live last September. The visitors have literally been from all over the world.

My thanks especially to the teachers who took the time to upload their own resources to the site and share them with everybody. I’d appeal to other teachers to consider sharing your resources with us all. If you’ve downloaded a resource, try to upload one in return. So if you are tidying up your desktop over the next week or during the summer, perhaps you’d consider uploading a resource of your own. Simply send an e-mail to, attach the resource (in whatever format – word, powerpoint, excel, publisher, photos etc.) and I’ll share it with the world. Enjoy your summer break and return to Seomra Ranga in September.