Sebran’s ABC is a piece of freeware that can be downloaded free from the internet. Some exercises in the software are suitable for infants classes, while others are more suited to children in middle standards. Exercises include matching shapes, matching words, hangman, letter rain (good for practising keyboard skills), addition rain, simple number games, addition, subtraction and multiplication games, a word-picture association game and a game to practise initial word sounds. At only 700KB, the file downloads quite quickly with a broadband connection. The software is very colourful and very user friendly. None of the exercises are difficult to learn or understand. In most of the exercises, when a child gets the answer correct a smily face appears; when the answer is incorrect a sad face appears. The software is also suitable for use as a class lesson using an Interactive White Board. All in all, this piece of freeware is a must for all primary schools. Also from the same website, Mini Sebran can be downloaded. This is more suited to pre-schoolers but it may be useful to junior infant teachers for use during the early part of the school year. Both pieces of freeware can be downloaded from: