Multiplication Facts is a freeware programe that can be downloaded as a zip file from the internet and installed on your PC. It is a 2.3MB file which downloads quite quickly using a broadband connection. The programme is perfectly suited to middle and senior classes in the primary school to practise multiplication tables. Tables covered are fro 0 to 12. You can choose to study each set of tables first on screen to learn them. You can also click on any particular table (eg. 7×5) and the programme will show a pictorial representation of it. When a pupil is confident that they have learned the particular set  of tables, they can practise them with a timed test. You select which set of tables to be tested on and the programme will look for the answers to be typed in. You will get a report on how many were answered correctly in one minute and this will also be expressed as a fraction. You can also choose to practise without the timer. A random selection of tables can be chosen to be tested. For the teacher, a worksheet of tables can be printed off.

This programme would be suitable to recommend to parents to install on a home computer to practise tables at home. This is an easy programme to install, easy to understand and easy to use. It’s definitely one that should be used by primary schools. The free programme can be downloaded at: