Pelmanism 03Pelmanism is the name of the memory game which you play by turning up pairs of cards from a pack and trying to pick out matching pairs. It is named after the Pelman Institute which was set up for the study of memory in London in the 1930s.

This oral language memory game focuses on homophones (words that sound the same but are spelled differently). There are three sets of sixteen cards (eight pairs) in this pack, 48 cards in all. The game can be played initially using one set and as the pupils become proficient, another set can be added. The cards are best printed, laminated and cut out.

The game is probably best played in pairs. To start the game, the cards are mixed up and turned face down on table/floor. The first pupil uncovers any two cards. If he/she makes a match, he/she keeps the pair and gets two points. The winner is the pupil with the most points.

Of course, this game should also start a discussion about the meaning of each of the homonyms in the game. Perhaps this could be done as a class lesson by the teacher before the game commences.

These cards would also be suitable for display in the classroom for a unit of work on homonyms.

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