First Line Impros 02First line Impros are a great oral language / drama activity which pupils will really enjoy. The idea is that pupils compose a conversation (improvisation), beginning with opening line written on the card. They need to decide who are the people in the conversation, where it is taking place, what the problem is and how will the conversation end.

There are 45 cards in this pack, three per page. The cards are best printed, laminated and cut out, which allows them to be reused again and again. The game is probably best played in pairs initially.

The cards should be placed in a box/folder and pupils pick a card at random. The rule is that if they don’t like the first card they select, they may put it back and select a second. However, they must then stick with the second selected card – this makes pupils think twice about putting back a card.

Pupils are then given about 10 minutes to prepare the improvisation. The more pupils do this activity, the more proficient they will become. When pupils are more comfortable and proficient with the activity, they could be asked to work in groups to devise the conversation/improvisation. After some experience doing the activity, the pupils could then be asked to devise the conversation/improvisation with no preparation.

Read the PPDS suggestions for First Line Impros

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